Top 5 Things That Make Schitt’s Creek Great

It's not *just* "Ew, David!"

5. Alexis shouting “Ew!” may seem like a small detail in a TV show with so many overarching and surprisingly profound themes, but her disgust has become iconic. Alexis (often partnered with David) has such amazing comedic timing that her interjections often lead to several of the laugh out loud moments we’ve come to expect. Alexis grows along with her family and eventually becomes the best version of herself because of her experiences in Schitt’s Creek, but it never changes what makes her “Alexis” – and the true Alexis has never strayed from sharing her opinion (even if her opinion has changed). The easiest way to know if you’ve found a fellow Schitt’s Creek fan is to yell, “Ew, David!” and wait for a reaction.


Ew, David - Alexis Rose

4. Over the 6 Seasons of Schitt’s Creek, it’s clear to see that Johnny and Moira married for more than just money. They clearly love each other, despite the enormous difficulties they’ve faced. Through thick and thin (or, wealth and destitution), they stand by and support each other, keeping the family together on a united front that shines in a world where the weight of fame and fortune generally causes relationships to collapse. No matter what happens, we as an audience never feel hopeless with Johnny and Moira fighting together at the front.


I'm here if you need me for anything - Johnny Rose (Schitt's Creek)

3. For being a small town, Schitt’s Creek is anything but narrow-minded. In fact, most issues that come up are taken in stride and with a positive attitude that serves as an example to all of us. The Roses constantly find themselves causing a stir, but the townspeople are quick to forgiveness with an attitude of teaching behind their actions. The townspeople are seamlessly accepted with no preconceived notions, including those with different backgrounds, skin color, and sexuality. The LBGTQ+ community is beautifully represented and explained throughout the series, with David acting as a Pansexual who enters into both male and female relationships. Minorities aren’t tokenized, and are accepted entirely for who they are. Even issues the show knowingly presents – like assuming a small-town, pretty blonde is stupid – are resolved with the grace of showing that everyone is worthwhile with talents, skills, and traits that make them human. Every citizen of Schitt’s Creek is just a person, period.


Negotiate in Arabic - Schitt's Creek

2. If anyone ever asked me, “What is the greatest thing about Schitt’s Creek?” I would reply, without hesitation, that it’s David. What about him? Everything! He’s one of the most relatable, fearful, anxious, fun, and caring of the Rose family and the citizens of Schitt’s Creek. In the beginning, David is just like his family, disgraced and disgusted by his new home in the small-town motel. As time goes on, however, David’s dry wit and secretly squishy heart help him build lifelong partnerships with Stevie, Patrick, and even his family. We get to watch him grow from a spoiled, bitter rich boy into a person willing to take a chance and trust in others, even when he’s unsure.


YOU fold it in - Schitt's Creek

1. The most beautiful thing about Schitt’s Creek is that it follows a family fallen from wealth, but ends with a family who has genuinely changed for the better. Everything about it is undeniably human, from their initial reactions to the town, to their final moments in Schitt’s Creek. It explores all kinds of true-to-life experiences and obstacles, like cheating on a partner, falling in love, forgetting the past and moving forward, dealing with judgment, making the most of every situation, and learning to change. The heart and truth of every episode are what make it amazing, tackling real life change with humor.


Impulsive, Capricious, and Melodramatic - Schitt's Creek

Honorable Mention: “A Little Bit Alexis” deserves its own list, but I’ll settle for honorable mention. Alexis starts out as one of the most shallow, unfeeling characters on the show, but you ultimately get to see her grow and change as she accepts her new life and situation, complete with new friends and lovers. This growth, however, is occasionally overshadowed by the “old” Alexis rearing her gorgeous head – usually in a very polarizing (and hilarious) way. The perfect example is her song, “A Little Bit Alexis,” which aired on her “Critically-Reviewed, Limited Reality Series.” The terrible rendition song performed on the show was so popular with fans that they actually produced it – and the real one is an absolute banger.


A Little Bit Alexis (Schitt's Creek)

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