Show Your Gratitude by Sharing Blerps This Thanksgiving

Because nothing says “grateful” like a sound emote.

Thanksgiving has a reputation for being one of the greatest and most stressful holidays of the year. It’s a beautiful excuse for families to gather together to celebrate the things they’re grateful for – or to rip on every individual member of that family for… well, anything. Regardless of your family type, this list of thank-you’s will get you through the night from beginning to end, with just the right amount of sarcasm to make the day bearable.

“Thank You” – Dido

           For those of us who love Thanksgiving more than every other holiday, this Blerp perfectly expresses all the love, gratitude, and happiness that the mashed potatoes, turkey, and pies bring.


I want to thank you, for giving me the best day of my life - Dido

“You guys are so nice! Thank youuuu!” – FabledFoxy

           If your grandparents show up with yet another terrible sweater for you to wear during dinner, just hit ‘em with this thank you to properly express both your appreciation and your disappointment.


You guys are so nice.. eehhh. Thank you! Oh my gosh - FabledFoxy

“Thank you so much, I think you’re incredible…” – Adele

           We all know the feeling when the gratitude really hits us and we’re just so glad to be surrounded by family and filled with pie. When that happens, you can use Adele’s words as your own.


Thank you so much (tearing up) - Adele

“There are so many people to thank…” – Stewie Griffin

           If you’re in more of a “Thanksgiving Clapback” kind of mood, you can play this when your family asks you to share what you’re grateful for.


stewie thank you

“Thank u, next” – Ariana Grande

           The perfect soundtrack as the food gets passed around the table. Thank you, next!


Thank u next next,, Thank you next - Ariana Grande

“Thank you for your cooperation.” – Black Widow

           When you ask your annoying little cousin to pass the stuffing and he acts like he’s going to eat it all, kick him in the shins under the table; then, when he passes it over, you can play this.


Thank you for your cooperation: Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

“Thank you for doing that.” – Gov. Andy Beshear

           When your brother “accidentally” drops your aunt’s terrible green bean casserole on the floor and the whole thing is ruined, shoot him this as a proper thanks.



“Thank you, goodbye! Goodbye now. Goodbye!” – Toy Story

           For when it’s 11:00 at night, you’re sick from overeating, and your cousins finally say they’re ready to go.


thank you goodbye goodbye now

Happy Thanksgiving from Blerp! Be sure to check out our very heartfelt and sincere Thanksgiving video here:

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