Five Sole Survivor Quotes from Fallout 4 that are 2020 MOOD

Because in a world of plague, natural disasters, and WWIII looming, Nuclear Holocaust seems way more likely.

Fallout 4 is a game about the post-apocalyptic United States, which I’m sure many would argue is what we’re currently living in. So, here are 5 quotes that totally encompass our 2020 mood – from “we’re going to die” to “I don’t even care anymore, bring on the murder hornets.”

5. “It’s your funeral.”

4. “I’m calling it right here: this world can officially bite my ass.”

3. “Oh, great. Like I don’t have enough problems.”

2. “I can’t wait for the world to end!”

1. “I woke up and the world still sucks. So, today’s been great.”


Honestly, most the quotes from Fallout 4 are life right now. Click here to listen.