Persona 5: Best Battle Callouts

Ryuji is a Phantom Thief.

5. Yuske is by far the most dramatic of the Phantom Thieves, and the mannerisms of his dialogue perfectly reflect that. The absolute melodrama of his everyday inner monologue is obvious in each and every one of his lines, including my favorite of his battle quotes: “I shall put you to the sword!”


I shall put you to the sword! (Fox, Persona 5 Royal)

4. Ryuji really lives up to his initial title of “Vulgar Boy” during much of Persona 5 Royal, but honestly, the kid’s got a heart of gold as pure as it is ferocious. He’s hell-bent on winning and proud when he does, which makes it all the sweeter when he taunts beaten shadows by shouting, “Hah! Losers.”


"Hah! Losers." (Skull) Persona 5 Royal

3. r/churchofharu will agree that Haru is best girl, no question. Not because she’s adorable and oh so polite; no, Haru is the best because of what she hides beneath her Persona. Every once and a while, we get a glimpse into Haru’s terrifying inner thoughts in Mementos and during battle, where she often betrays how much she enjoys hurting shadows. This makes her oddly violent lines make a scary kind of sense, like when she says through gritted teeth, “You shouldn’t annoy a girl with an axe!”


You shouldn't annoy a girl with an AXE! (Noir, Persona 5 Royal)

2. Makoto’s intensity and passion are what make her a loveable teammate,

but even the best of characters let their feelings get the best of them on occasion;

like when Makoto finishes the enemy with an All-Out-Attack and shouts, in fiery

fury, “FISTS OF JUSTICE!” Admittedly badass the first time, the

exclamation only gets funnier the more often she shouts it.


FISTS OF JUSTICE (Persona 5 Royal) Makoto

1. Ann is sweet and innately kind, until you piss her off. That’s what makes her follow-up line so perfect – she’ll be your best friend until you cross her, then it’s down with the patriarchy as she yells, “Squeal like a pig!” and giggles into her whip. I’m sure shadows feel sufficiently chastised after getting hit with that one.


Squeal like a pig! (Ann's follow-up voiceline)

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