Blerp WalkOn

Reward Your Subscribers!

With WalkOn, you’ll have the option to allow your followers to announce their presence with a Blerp each time they visit your stream. 

You can customize how often a WalkOn sound can be played, and choose whether WalkOn can be used by anyone or only by a certain Tier of Subscriber. You can also whitelist any users you choose to give them access to WalkOn sounds, regardless of subscriber status. 

Each setting is customizable and something you approve - users will submit their requested WalkOn sound, but it won’t go into effect until you personally approve the Blerp they’ve chosen under the “Review” section. You can see the list of viewers with approved sounds under “Users,” where you can also see all the Blerps they’ve submitted and which have been accepted or rejected.

To learn about setup, check out the video below!