Blerp Twitch Extension FAQ

Let us put your mind at ease.

Q: I see the image/notification but can't hear the audio?

A: Follow this document or reach out to our discord if you are still having problems!

Q: What is DMCA?

A: DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which regulates and oversees the rights of content creators and holders. You can read more here. At Blerp, we want to make sure you feel secure about using our content in your streams and in your lives. Our goal is to keep our users informed and protected while safely expressing themselves with audio memes on Twitch and everywhere else.


Q: If I use Blerp content in my Twitch Stream, will I have copyright issues?

A: No, and here’s why: Different sound content falls under different copyright laws. For example, laws regarding music are much stricter than laws protecting original YouTube content. Blerp’s content will cause absolutely no issues if the content is Blerp-user-generated (including original Blerp user music, voice clips, and sound effects). Other content that will cause absolutely no issues includes Creative Commons music, Vines, TikToks, and original YouTube content. Blerp has officially removed all copyrighted music that hasn't been officially cleared for sharing on Twitch from our Twitch extension. We are compiling boards for Twitch that are verified DMCA safe, and are constantly reviewing content and taking this seriously to keep your streams strike-free.


Q: What is Blerp’s DMCA Policy?

A: Blerp respects copyright law and expects its users to do the same. It is Blerp’s policy to terminate (in appropriate circumstances) account holders or subscribers who repeatedly infringe the rights of copyright holders. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, Blerp will respond expeditiously to claims of copyright infringement committed using the services that are reported to Blerp’s designated Copyright Agent (identified below). If you are a copyright owner, or authorized to act on behalf of one, please report alleged copyright through the aforementioned form.


Q: What about music?

A: All music subject to DMCA strikes will not be sharable on Twitch streams for all users on the Twitch Streamer app. We have an ever-evolving library of great music that will not receive DMCA strikes. This includes music by artists who have made public statements that their music can be used on streams, music that falls under the Creative Commons license, and music that is royalty-free.


Q: Why does it matter if a Blerp is less than 10 seconds if the source is still technically copyrighted?

A: Blerp is continuously building a library of original content and expanding its library of licenses to eliminate any issues regarding copyright. With that said, Blerp's content does not threaten movies, TV shows, music, or other copyright holders because we limit our content to 10 second audio clips, and those short audio clips cannot even begin to express a full experience or story. Rather than detract value, these sound bites heavily promote top creators and brands who use our platform.

Q: How do i add an editor/moderator to my channel?

A: Go to settings -> Scroll down -> Search Blerp users profile URL (get from going to their blerp profile enter the end of the URL ie. -> "Blerp123"

Q: My channel points arent working! I've uninstalled and re-installed and its still not working!

A: Please use this link then toggle channel points on and off on the twitch config page after!


If any content creator or brand holds issue with Blerp, we encourage them to follow our DMCA take down policy to claim or report copyrighted content. We also encourage content partners who wish to have greater control and detection of their content to join our distribution network by reaching out to [email protected] If you have any other questions about the DMCA, please feel free to message us on Discord, Twitter, or email us at [email protected]