Blerp's Open Press Release Statement + Beta Info

Blerp: Sound Emotes to Enhance Any Moment

Blerp, an audio expression start-up out of Salt Lake City, recently closed on an undisclosed seed round with notable investors from the Alexa Fund, Kickstart VC, Konvoy Ventures, The Fund VC, and Voice Punch. Blerp was conceptualized after their founder created the viral Shia Lebouf “Just Do It” soundboard, which boasted over 50,000 app downloads in its first month. From there, Blerp has grown into a leading soundbite database with over 1M+ user-created sounds, which range from popular memes to sound effects and more. 

Blerp’s primary integrations have focused on livestreaming and gaming, allowing streamers to add Sound Emotes to their stream to amplify engagement and offer exclusive content to their subscribers. From pranks effects, soundboards of the creator’s voice, and user-generated sounds, Blerp is a bottomless resource for streamers and creators.

How does it work? 

Viewers can search and preview sounds from Blerp’s expansive library and share them in-stream, in-chat, or in real life for hilarious results.

Today, Blerp brings soundboards and sound emotes to over 100,000 streamers on Twitch. Streamers who install the Blerp extension report better chat engagement, higher stream interaction, an increase in followers and subscribers, and an enhanced revenue chain for their stream. Blerp currently works exclusively on Twitch, but will be launching the full Sound Emotes experience to YouTube Gaming and Facebook on January 12, 2021. You can sign up for the early Beta here

What makes Blerp truly unique is the thousands of content creators making personalized soundboards of their own voice, which they feature on-stream for their fans. Increasing engagement and enticing new subscribers is the key to making a sustainable living from streaming, and Blerp has been instrumental to streamer success. 

Katy Bentz, notable for her role as Steph Gingrich in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, is a hugely popular Twitch streamer who attributes a portion of her success to Blerp. “I would recommend Blerp a hundred times over to anybody... it’s really great when you can be a part of something and [represent] something you really believe in, and I really believe in Blerp.” 

Although Blerp is currently focused on amplifying gaming and live streaming through audio experiences and sound sharing, their vision is to bring Blerp to a wider variety of platforms through integrations with voice assistants, voice chats, and more. To become a part of the sound emote movement, sign up at to start creating sounds and sharing your voice.