Why Doesn’t Google Have Audio Search (Our Best Guess)

I recently noticed that the question was being asked online — why doesn’t Google have audio search? A digital trends continue to grow, and new mediums appear, we naturally expect to see these results in a search engine results page. This has prompted us to take a closer look at audio search, and how Google may not be the only answer.

The first myth we want to bust is that Google doesn’t have audio search — it does and it’s name is Google Assistant (talk about monetizing digital transformation). With voice search on the rise, a recent study indicates that by 2020 almost 50% of search will be voice search, and will elicit an audio search result.

The desktop and mobile version of Google’s search engine is not currently equipped to give audio results, so we don’t expect to see MP3 files starting to dominate the SERP pages. While mobile searches have started to surpass desktop searches, desktop still holds a major part of the search market — making it difficult for Google to completely abandon providing audio search results.

Additionally, Google, and other smartphone/home devices, has been put on blast a number of times for their alleged privacy breaches by using audio to retarget and collect data. While many hold this sentiment, most major companies have denied these claims and NPR has followed up with an article describing the lines between “listening” and “collecting data”. Regardless, this can be a hard stigma to shake and one that google has treaded lightly on as it looks to expand its audio search options.

Well, here at Blerp we are a little bit impatient and thought we might as well get started on providing a platform for internet users on all devices to search and find audio clips and memes. The best part is, we make our search results shareable and integratabtle on the platforms you use daily across the internet.

Additionally, our platform was designed for our users to search with privacy and confidence. By using Blerp, we are able to help eliminate many of the concerns that come with using some of the more mainstream search engines.

Our search engine is in-tune with what is popular, giving you the best audio memes and soundboard options. However, we know that there are diamonds in the rough, providing robust search results regardless of your query.

Keep up with the Blerp Blog to learn more about the audio search industry, what Google is doing about it, and where we are going.