Multimedia Search Engines: What We Are Using

Multimedia Search Engines: What We Are Using

Google has become our generations go to tool for just about any question that we have. Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average. If you do the math, which Internet Live Stats did here, that means that there is just over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

If you have ever conducted a Google search, which we are going to take the liberty of assuming anyone reading this article has, you will probably see a massive number of results. While Google is pretty confident what you want will be on the first page, that isn’t always the case. Refining and redefining the way we search and ultimately share is key to finding relevant material.

With that, Google Image search has become more popular over the years. I can’t tell you how many birthday or Christmas presents I’ve ruined with this one (don’t vaguely send me a color palette and ask me which one I like and not expect me to reverse search the image and find the Bose headphones you are looking at). You can go a lot deeper the more specific you get, even down to where the image was taken, at what location it was uploaded, and more.

However, this is just one example of a multimedia search, and Google’s search engine really only provides three types of results: text, image, and video (but let’s be honest we all just use Youtube anyway).

Ways to communicate have grown — so search engines and aggregators have grown to meet those needs. Why search through hundreds of Google search result pages to find what you need when there are niche products to help you do just this.

Search smarter with some of our multimedia search engine suggestions:


  • Imgur — Sure, Google does an image search — but is it as fun as Imgur? Nope. Most of what Google is indexing is coming from sites like Imgur. Both hilarious and informative, you won’t be disappointed looking for image content on here. It even allows users to be apart of a community.
  • Flickr — Flickr’s creative commons allows you to upload, organize and search for thousands of images. They recently updated their pricing package, making these functions free up to 1,000 photos. Flickr feels original, and home-grown — which is in-line with our recent post about how audio is becoming a more intimate way of communication, and images may be going in the same direction.
  • Unsplash — Unsplash feels like it was made for Instagram, with carefully curated and edited images that meet wanderlusts need. This free image search engine has the look and feel of a well put together feed, with plenty of results for each search.
  • Pixabay- Pixabay feels almost limitless with the number of images available to users, you may have to search through a handful before you find the perfect one — but it is both quantity and quality.


  • Youtube — Not a shock that youtube is the primary video search engine, but hey don’t fix what ain’t broke right?
  • 360 Daily — 360 Daily goes beyond viral videos or unboxing, this video content is great for multipurpose use. It is worth searching through their hundreds of videos, you won’t be disappointed with the options.


  • Giphy — Is there anything other than Giphy? Technically yes, but we still love this one.
  • Tenor — A rising gif search engine that believes it keeping it plain and simple. Search with tags, or create an account to save all your favorites. This engine is a little off the beaten path, but benefits of this means that there are some gifs that have not yet saturated the internet and you might be the next hit.

Creative Works

  • Behance — Behance is changing the game for creative professionals. Both a place to showcase, and search for jobs you don’t want to miss the creative works posted on this site.
  • Dribble — Dribble is a beautiful website, with equally beautiful creative pieces. If you are looking for inspiration for design, or want to showcase your own — this is your new home.


  • FindSounds — Simple and easy to use, FindSounds is on the rise in spicing up normal modes of communication with fun audio clips.
  • Blerp — We are biased here, but we truly believe in creating a product that changes the way you search, and share, sound. With thousands of audio clips and dank memes to download the power is in your hands on how you use it. Easily integrate with Twitch and Discord and all major social media sharing platforms.

These platforms are just a few of the hundreds on the rise, send us what you are using or post in the comments below!