Audio Expression For Any Moment

Blerp is the audio expression platform for you to find, create, and share short soundbites. ​You can easily search and share our vast​ ​library of short audio clips through voice assistants, voice chats, and live streams, and messaging! Blerp is the quickest way to add audio expressions to any moment.

At Blerp, we believe in fostering a community of diverse thinkers who work hard to innovate new ideas that change the world. We believe in building communities where people aren’t afraid to stand out, take risks, and be different. We work to build these environments because we believe that people who have courage to take risks and chase their dreams have a higher chance of adding value to this society.

Our focus is to build products that truly enable people to create, connect, and communicate in a more unique and engaging way. We saw that by making audio easier to find and share we could take our attentions away from our screens and focus on the people around us.

What started as a side project from a college dorm has now become a story of trying to build a successful consumer app company in Utah. Follow us at twitter, read ourblog, or even listen to ourpodcastat anchor or our founder’s podcast to listen to our whole story!